Why Perfect Doesn’t Sell

Why Perfect doesn't sell

Earlier this month, we shared a post on the TOP 3 BRANDING TIPS. Recently, Organic Valley launched a campaign that’s a perfect example of Tip #1 – Know Your Customer’s Problem. All the women in the agency have been sharing the latest Organic Valley campaign, REAL MORNING REPORT, with each other. Watching that video is like seeing our mornings brought to life.

And we’re clearly not the only ones that feel that way. With over 830K views (and rising) on YouTube and countless media attention, the ad has clearly struck a chord with others. Why?

Organic Valley worked with SoundView Research to survey 1,000 full-time working American women ages 25-54 on what their mornings are really like. As a surprise to no one, they found that “real” real life for many working women includes juggling work, family, and personal lives and our results can be far from perfect.

The survey results culminated in a TV spot which contrasts the perfect lives we see on TV and in social media with real life. The survey findings also show that working women today embrace their hectic lives, but appreciate hacks and tips for managing them.

Women are demanding authenticity in advertising, and if it seems that marketers are taking notice, it’s because they are. Campbell’s Soups “Real, Real Life” and Luv’s “Second Baby” ads are just a few examples of how companies have developed messaging that resonates with their customers.

A survey from SheKnows indicated that 52% of the women surveyed would buy a product if they liked the way women were portrayed in the ads, proving that it pays to show life as perfectly unperfect.

So while people are nodding “yes” to the Organic Valley spot, they’re also thinking, maybe I should grab one of these protein shakes for breakfast and save time.