Why I Love Gold’s Gym

Golds Gym RVA testimonials

User-generated content and reviews are universally the most trusted brand messaging across all generations.  Sometimes, though, even when a customer loves your brand, it’s difficult to get them to share with others.  That’s when the brand needs to step in and help the customer create the content.

Planet Central recently developed a survey for Gold’s Gym RVA, with the purpose of obtaining testimonials from members. The survey focused on asking frequent members to share what they love most about Gold’s Gym, and the love quickly started to pile in. At the end of the survey period, almost 400 entries were collected for the client, exceeding expectations.

To make the most of these responses, Planet Central began creating sharable graphics of the testimonials to upload on Pinterest and cross promote on Gold’s Gym’s other social media profiles. We then piggy-backed on the success of the survey to then capture in-person video testimonials of their members at the club. Those video clips were then cut, edited, and are now being used on all of the client’s social media platforms for #TestimonialTuesday.

Creating these sharable images and videos for social media is not only generating positive online engagement around the Gold’s Gym clubs, but has also provided Planet Central and the client with an abundance of positive content generated from members to use moving forward.

We are thrilled that we could help our client gather such positive testimonials from their members and be able to share it in a fun and creative way.