Weird is Memorable


We’ve all seen them. Ads that has managed to leave the deepest of imprints into our minds – both good and bad. The weirdest of weird commercials, old or new, but for some reason we will never forget them. Our team had the best trip down memory lane exchanging our favorite holiday ads back in November, so we asked again – What is your favorite ‘bizarre’ ad? It’s safe to say it was an email thread full of puzzled reactions as well as teary-eyed laughter.

  1. Starburst – “Berries & Cream” (2007)StarburstThis jingle makes me laugh every time. So weird and so funny! – Addison Prophet
  1. Quizno’s Subs – “The Spongemonkeys” (2004)QuiznosI have you beat with the Quiznos rats. I’m not sure this is a good thing, but it is so weird! – Jennifer Lawrence
  1. Ojai Valley Taxidermy – “NOPE Chuck Testa” (2011)ChuckI mean… – Alice Wren
  1. Baskin Robbins – “Ice Cream & Cake” (2009)BaskinA weird favorite of mine from a few years ago.  Makes me want ice cream and cake! – Julie Dyer
  1. Mentos – Various Spots (1990’s)MentosEvery Mentos ad.  Ever. And the song is the worst. – Deirdre Hughes
  1. Skittles – “Contract the Rainbow” (2012)SkittlesIt’s definitely on brand for Skittles because I think they have a reputation for being weird and while I think it’s a little gross, I do think it’s funny and creative. – Rachel Cave


We successfully made everyone in the office uncomfortable watching these ads again, but definitely added some much needed smiles to the work week! What are some of your favorite classics?