Tilson Homes


How do you grow and maintain a leadership position in your market? Focus. Tilson Homes is a Build On Your Lot homebuilder who has been building in Texas for four generations. Tilson builds throughout much of Texas but almost exclusively in rural areas. The chief advantages Tilson has include decades of experience, processes unique to Build On Your Lot, a quality approach, and a culture of honesty. In short, they are the builder a customer can trust.

Client Since 2002

Dominant Market Share

Clear Brand Identity

Since 2001, Planet Central has served as Tilson’s marketing agency and has helped develop the brand of trust through all media channels. Trust is evidenced by communicating quality construction practices, hundreds of customer testimonials, social media posts, television spots, and customer interaction that’s honest. We’ve highlighted other messages over the years, but the anchor of “Build On Your Lot, Build on Trust,” continued to remain the primary focus.

The result, Tilson has significantly grown their market share. During the Great Recession, Tilson fared far better that their peer group and rebounded much faster.