#TBT “Smell Like A Man”

Smell Like a Man

The “Smell Like a Man” campaign launched as a commercial in 2010 prior to the Super Bowl. The campaign was created by advertising agency Wieden + Kennedy for Old Spice.

Why we like it: At the time, men were not big buyers of body wash. Most men tended to use a simple bar of soap or maybe their wife/girlfriend’s girly body wash. Knowing this, Old Spice created the “Smell Like a Man” campaign targeting women to buy body wash for the men in their lives. The original commercial was a hilarious success. Old Spice took advantage of the viral chatter around it by inviting consumers to submit questions via social media to be answered by the “Man”. In just two days, Old Spice generated millions of additional views for their product using humor and customer interaction causing sales to go through the roof and establish a new category of body wash consumers.

Why it’s still relevant: If you’ve found a way to engage your audience, keep the momentum going. Social media allows companies to not only see how their consumers are acting in real time, but react back to them almost immediately.