#TBT “Got Milk?”

Got Milk Campaign

The iconic “Got Milk?” ad campaign launched in 1995 and encouraged the consumption of milk. The campaign was created by advertising agency Goodby Silverstein & Partners for the California Milk Processor Board.

Why we like it: Instead of trying to reach a new audience of non-milk drinkers, these advertisements used a little humor and a simple slogan to create a nationally recognized campaign that served as a little reminder for consumers to always have milk around. Prior to the campaign, milk had been seeing a decline in sales for the past 20 years. By putting the now infamous milk mustache on celebrities and high profile figures, drinking milk almost became cool. Plus, an increase in sales after a 20-year downward trend is pretty amazing.

Why it’s still relevant: Advertising isn’t always about reaching an entirely new audience, but getting your current audience to have a stronger appreciation for your product.

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