#TBT Double Mint Gum

Doublemint 60's Ad

Wrigley’s Doublemint Gum is best known for its unique distillation process, minty flavor, and of course the Doublemint Gum Twins.

Why we like it: The Doublemint Twins campaign was first introduced in the late 1930s with radio and billboard ads featuring identical twins. By using simple, clear designs these ads successfully grew Wrigley’s gum sales to the highest in its history. In 1960, the catchy “Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun” jingle appeared on television utilizing the infamous twins who served as ambassadors for the product. Through strong brand association, The Doublemint Twins are now considered one of the most successful and long lasting campaigns in history.

Doublemint Ad

Why it’s still relevant: Wrigley found a strong voice and image for their product and plastered it everywhere they could – billboards, magazine ads, store displays, and television. The fun brand association they created with the twins keeps Doublemint Gum as the world’s highest grossing sugar gum to this day.

Watch the original 1960’s commercial HERE.