#TBT Clairol: Does She or Doesn’t She?

Vintage Clairol Ad

In 1957 only 1 in 15 women were using artificial hair coloring. Flash forward eleven years, and that number changed to 1 in 2 thanks to Clairol’s simple question, “Does she…or doesn’t she?”

Why we like it: At the time, being public about using hair dye was taboo and Clairol was aware of that fact. Instead of focusing on how their new hair color could be easily achieved at home, Clairol sold the fact that their product was so good no one could tell if you were using it. The hush factor struck a chord with this generation of women and in just one year, the sale of hair tint, rinses, and dye rose from $25 million to whopping $186 million a year.

Why it’s still relevant: Having a deep understanding of your audience’s views and the image around your product can have a major impact on overall success.