2016 Social Media In Review


Social media has dominated the world as we know it in 2016. As we wrapped up this past (let’s face it) tumultuous year, we reviewed some of the changes in the world of social marketing in 2016. Below are a few of the changes that affected marketing this year in case you missed them:

Filters, Emojis, Games, Oh MY!

  • The short lived, yet intense love affair with Pokemon Go.
  • Filters that can morph your face and environment on Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, etc.
  • Emojis added to reactions on Facebook, alterable images on Instagram (including text).

Live Video

  • While Twitter’s Periscope popularized it initially, Facebook and Instagram’s integration of live video has really pushed it mainstream and is expected to grow in 2017.

Trending News and Events

  • Facebook’s safety check tool allowing users to alert their network that they are safe during an emergency.
  • Social Media echo chambers where users’ feeds are limited to opposing views or new information, created closed communities that perpetuated a deluge of fake news.

More to the Story

  • Initially found only on the Snapchat platform, stories (or the equivalent) have been added to Instagram and Twitter.
  • Instagram revised their algorithm to prioritize showing posts by users that have been previously interacted with, and increased advertisements.
  • Twitter finally relaxed their strict 140 character limit to not include quoted tweets and media attachments.

Leaps and Bounds in Social Commerce

  • Social shopping has become increasingly popular with Buy Now/Shop buttons added to Instagram and Pinterest, and the introduction of Facebook’s marketplace.