Snapchat Announces Geofilter Options for Ad Partners


The Gist:

  • Snapchat is now allowing its ad partners to sell and sponsor geofilters and video ads in hopes to boost earning potential
  • Geofilters allow users to place filters over photos and videos when they are in a certain locations
  • Current pricing for these filters depends on location and duration of the geofilters

The Details:

Snapchat announced earlier this April that it is allowing its ad partners in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia to sell and manage geofilters. Geofilters are currently seeing the highest engagement form users versus other ad formats.  They allow Snapchat users to place special filters over photos and videos in the app when users are in certain locations.

Prior to this announcement, geofilters could only be purchased through Snapchat’s self-service tool which was made available in February 2016. By giving third-party sellers the ability to sell and manage geofilters and video ads, Snapchat is hoping to make its marketplace more competitive and boost earning potential.

Snapchat has yet to announce how much money it makes off of their sponsored geofilters. Current pricing for these geofilters and video ads depend on the location and how long the geofilters is made available to users.