Share Up to 10 Pics or Videos at Once On Instagram

Instagram Carousel

Storytelling is a growing trend in social media, and choosing the best picture to capture at the best moment to tell that story can be a struggle. Thankfully, Instagram has made that whole process a little easier! With the new Instagram update, users can choose to post not one, not two, but as many as 10 photos and videos at once!

This new “carousel” feature on Instagram allows users to post multiple photos for their followers to swipe through, much like the idea of a small photo album. While posting multiple photos in Instagram ads isn’t new for brands, the ability to share up to 10 images at one time is. Additionally, now brands will have the ability to post multiple images organically and not be limited to multiple photos for ad purposes only.

With the rollout starting less than a week ago, we’re excited to see brands start experimenting with this new feature. Now, go ahead and post your best 10 selfies, you know you want to!