R/Marketing: Reddit Advertising


Today, Reddit is one the most widely used websites, pulling in at 7th most used in the United States and 6th worldwide. For those who are not familiar with the site, Reddit is a collection of discussion forums in which users can post content through links and interact with each other through comments and messaging, completely anonymously. As of February this year, Reddit has had 542 million page visits per month, 234 million of those being individual, repeat visitors.

While it is a bit hard to gauge exactly who uses Reddit (as it is anonymous and no personal information other than an email address is needed to sign up), according to a survey taken in February 2016 by Pew Research, 67% of it’s users are male. 22% of total users are 18-29 years old, 34% are 30-49 years old, 25% are 50-64, and 19% are 65+. Most of these users have had education past high school or are working towards higher education, and the financial income levels were also spread evenly throughout the site, according to the Pew Research survey.

Reddit has recently changed their interface, now allowing users to click through posts more easily, without having to individually close the links that they choose to view. When clicking through, an advertisement in the form of a post will appear every 10-20 posts. These often target based on location but can also be interest-specific.

Reddit is made of many forums or “subreddits” that cater to a vast number of interests such as home-building, investments, fitness, cute animals, Parks and Rec, self-help, world news, etc. If you have an interest, chances are there’s a subreddit for it. What marketers can do is place ads on these specific subreddits for their products and increase website traffic using location and interest targeting. Reddit also allows marketers to set a daily budget and track impressions, making it easy to see how many people are accessing the advertised websites, and which subreddits are yielding the most success in ad placement.

To get started advertising on Reddit, visit their advertising page and have an ad posted within 10 minutes!