Park Sterling Bank


Can a start-up bank succeed in the shadow of the country’s largest banks? Sure it can if it truly differentiates itself. Banks can one-up each other all day long with products and technology, but what they can’t replicate is a well-defined relevant proposition that reflects a competitor’s persona…and that’s exactly what we created for Park Sterling.

Client Since 2012

Built Brand Awareness and Preference

Grew Market Share and Markets

Marketplace and consumer insights led us in the creation of the brand proposition “Answers You Can Bank On” — a promise that the customer can count on Park Sterling for an answer to their unique situation, no matter where the solution comes from. It is also an internal mantra, motivating colleagues to work together to deliver “Answers You Can Bank On” that will enhance the bank’s productivity and customer experience. The essence of this brand proposition is articulated across a range of integrated digital/traditional channels, including customer interactions.

The result: Brand awareness and consideration have tripled since the launch of the “Answers You Can Bank On” initiative, leading to gains in market share. As Park Sterling
continues to expand its footprint to other markets, this unique brand proposition has allowed it to quickly establish itself as a credible competitor and take market share.