NEW on Instagram: Polling Stickers

instagram polls


The Gist:

  • Instagram has added a polling sticker that allows users to ask a question and see results from their followers
  • Questions can be customized! It doesn’t have to be a simple “yes or no”
  • Be careful! Your vote is not anonymous. The poster can see how you answered.

The Details:

Is your company is debating over which new flavor to release or are you personally having trouble deciding which donut to buy? No worries, Instagram has you covered! With the recent release of the Instagram polling sticker, you can now easily ask your followers to share their opinion with you in just a few screen taps. This feature adds a fun new way for brands to interact with their customers and get direct feedback on current products or upcoming releases.

As an added bonus for the asker, Instagram shares the full analytics with you so you can see how many people responded, and who responded with what answer.