Happy to be of Service!

Planet Central Team Members_ John

Following a recent tour of The Doorways, our staff at Planet Central decided to volunteer on a regular basis. Once a week we provide a “food run” for them. More on that later. 

First, you might be wondering “What the heck is the Doorways?” Many Richmonders have never heard of it. But is is a 115-room hospital hospitality house that serves more than 10,000 people a year. It is the second largest in the country. The Doorways is a non-profit organization and operates in a former hotel located at 7th and Marshall Street in downtown Richmond. They provide lodging, meals and support to people of all ages who must travel to Richmond to obtain specialized medical care. They’re here because the medical care they need is not available in their own communities, or they’re here to be close to family members who are getting medical care in Richmond. Many of The Doorways’ guests are getting care at VCU Health, but there are other hospitals in the area, e.g., our local Veterans Affairs Medical Center, who also refer and coordinate lodging there. They serve people from all over Virginia, all 50 states, and even other countries.

The Doorways depends on donations, fundraising and the help of volunteers to keep the place running. Now, back to the “food run”. This involves delivering food from one the three local grocery stores who donates food to The Doorways. (The Doorways has five kitchens and a large dining area. They provide three meals a day to people who stay there.

We’re excited to be part of The Doorways’ mission. It’s truly a wonderful place, serving hundreds of people every day who need a place to stay during a medical crisis.

For more information about The Doorways, you can visit their website at www.thedoorways.org.

Written by John Hoar.