Goodbye Election. Hello Holiday Ads.

Finally. The election is ending and our TVs, Social Media, and mailboxes will no longer be flooded with political propaganda. After the celebratory dances are complete, and our normal media consumption commences, we asked our team – What classic holiday ad are you looking forward to seeing on your TV again? The holidays are around the corner, and sadly we’ve been deprived of seeing our favorite ads to get us in the spirit! Here are our top picks for classic Holiday commercials:

  1. Hershey Kisses – “Christmas Bells” (1989)









A 15 second commercial that hasn’t changed in over 25 years! The true definition of a classic ad. Wouldn’t be surprised if it aired for another 25 years. – Addison Prophet

  1. M&M’s – “Christmas Faint” (1996)








Both witty and well done. Also, a great play on the ‘imaginary characters’ idea. – Deirdre Hughes

  1. Coca-Cola – “Polar Bear Family” (1997)









Two words: Coke. Bears. – Dawn Dantzler

  1. Campbell’s Soup – “Snowman” (1995)









It’s so relatable to feeling like you are literally a block of ice and then coming inside to warm up with some soup! – Rachel Cave

  1. Norton by Symantec – “Santa Got Hacked” (2015)









Funny ads are my favorite. The stress eating part gets me every time. – Mandy Thornton

  1. Apple – “Misunderstood” (2013)









It takes you in a direction away from the usual sentimental holiday ads. You’re not sure where it’s going and then bang, you’re crying. – John Hoar 

  1. Budweiser Clydesdale Ads (1987)










Any of the Budweiser Clydesdale commercials in the snow take me home for the holidays. They take me back to my childhood. It was such a magical time as a kid. – Jennifer Lawrence

  1. 7up Ads (1990)










Remember the Spots? These ads just remind me of the childhood wonder of Christmas. – Melissa Ryder

  1. Coca-Cola – “Holiday Caravan” (1995)








I love the Coca-Cola ads the most! – Lauren Chavis

  1. Sainsbury – “Mog’s Christmas Calamity” (2015)







This pulls on my heart strings! It teaches you that no matter what happens, there are always people there to pick you up. – Alice Wren


What began as a simple company poll, turned into a joyful trip down memory lane. Sharing these TV spots with each other, added some much needed smiles to the work week! What are some of your favorite classics?