Farewell to Our Summer Intern!

AnnaSpending the last 10 weeks working as a summer intern for Planet Central has been nothing short of enjoyable, exciting and a welcoming learning experience. As I approach my final year of college, I am so grateful to take the opportunity the Planet Central team has given me beyond the classroom, and now apply what I have learned in the real world. Having a “hands on” experience in the industry is an essential piece of education; the classroom can only teach you so much. Since my very first day as an intern, everyone welcomed me with open arms and I felt a part of their team instantly. Not only has this internship been a positive experience, it has also been fast-paced and challenging. I have been able to grow and strengthen my time management, problem solving, and relationship building skills exponentially in just the past few months. I’ve quickly realized the importance of retaining these skills and I am eager to apply what I have learned from this experience to my future career path. I will forever be grateful for the wonderful people I have met, and the valuable learning experiences I have endured this summer. Thank you again, Planet Central, for giving me this amazing opportunity!

The PC team wishes Anna luck as she completes her undergraduate education at Appalachian State University, and further advances in the marketing industry. We’ll miss you!