#TBT Our Extreme Spotlight


It’s been six years since our client, Tilson Homes, called us in late October to let us know they had agreed to participate in an Extreme Makeover: Home Edition build that coming December, and it still amazes us how everything came together!

It didn’t take long to realize that while the build would be a great way for our client to become not only a regional but national name in construction – the preparation for the build would be monumental. We were responsible for creating all marketing and collateral for the build, from the logo and website to banners and apparel.

Tilson EMHE Branded Items

Since the build team was comprised of multiple companies, we needed a brand name and logo that could symbolize the build and unify the three different company logos. After much consideration, the build was named “The Heart of Texas” which was incorporated into the logo with a visual of two hammers making the symbol of a heart, as well as inclusion of each of the three companies’ individual logos.

Once the logo and brand name were determined, we began coordinating the apparel for the build team. In addition to being an active construction area, the site was also considered “on-set” for the TV show. Because of this, each member of the 90 person build team needed to have coordinating apparel and identification. Planet Central selected, logoed and purchased all apparel from t-shirts to the Cowboy Hat Hard Hats. We also created and produced all signage for the event which identified important locations and promoted our sponsors.

As any fan of the show was aware, several thousand volunteers are needed in order to make the build happen in the allotted seven-day period. Prior to the build, we developed a website which gave important information and dates to the community, and encouraged over 4,000 skilled volunteers to sign up to help. Social media profiles for the build were created on Facebook and Twitter to help generate excitement in the community as well as provide important information to volunteers, supporters and the media.

While the majority of the marketing campaign for the build was in place, there were still many details that would need to be taken care of on-site during the build week. To ensure that everything ran smoothly, Planet Central sent three members of the Account Team to Texas for the build. In addition to living in an RV on-site for 24-hour availability, the Account Team handled all media requests for interviews with build team leaders, celebrities, volunteers, soldiers and more – some even at 2AM!

Once the build was complete, the work was not over. In order to keep up the momentum of the build for our client, Planet Central planned viewing parties for the episode at each retail location as well as in the town of Salado, TX – where the home was built. We also helped organize a series of seminar and viewing party events in areas outside of our client’s normal marketing areas.

Looking back at the campaign now, we couldn’t be more proud of the hard work and dedication from our team. Because we were able to move quickly and had the support of the entire agency behind us, we were able to participate in making a dream come true for a couple who truly deserved it.