Pokemon Go and Advertising

Dig out your old Game Boy and holographic card collection – Pokemon Go has been labeled a global phenomenon and has people of all ages out trying to catch em’ all. So, how does this latest craze affect businesses? For starters, the game has become a marketing powerhouse, mainly using word-of-mouth to gain players who … Continue reading “Pokemon Go and Advertising”

Coming to a Snap Near You – Object Recognition Ads

It seems as if Snapchat went from 0-60 in digital and social advertising and you’re reading about it everywhere.  Snapchat has already proven companies are willing to invest in Sponsored Lenses to give consumers a fun and engaging experience with their brands.   Sponsored Lenses have been a huge success for the mobile app, providing Snapchat … Continue reading “Coming to a Snap Near You – Object Recognition Ads”

The Rise of Digital Video

In May, New York City hosted the Digital Content NewFronts, a premier showcase of new, original and professionally produced digital video content. Presenters included household names like Buzzfeed, Hulu, Yahoo, Mashable, and CNN and the New York Times, as well as less widely known developers from YouTube channel collections. Similar to the traditional TV upfronts, … Continue reading “The Rise of Digital Video”