Share Up to 10 Pics or Videos at Once On Instagram

Storytelling is a growing trend in social media, and choosing the best picture to capture at the best moment to tell that story can be a struggle. Thankfully, Instagram has made that whole process a little easier! With the new Instagram update, users can choose to post not one, not two, but as many as … Continue reading “Share Up to 10 Pics or Videos at Once On Instagram”

5 Common Digital Marketing Mistakes

The digital marketing landscape is an ever changing world of advanced targeting techniques, attribution modelling and new ad units.  Digital media gives marketers opportunities for one-to-one targeting unavailable in the traditional spaces.  With all these new techniques, it’s easy to forget to pay attention to the basics.  Here are some common mistakes to avoid when … Continue reading “5 Common Digital Marketing Mistakes”

Pokemon Go and Advertising

Dig out your old Game Boy and holographic card collection – Pokemon Go has been labeled a global phenomenon and has people of all ages out trying to catch em’ all. So, how does this latest craze affect businesses? For starters, the game has become a marketing powerhouse, mainly using word-of-mouth to gain players who … Continue reading “Pokemon Go and Advertising”

Coming to a Snap Near You – Object Recognition Ads

It seems as if Snapchat went from 0-60 in digital and social advertising and you’re reading about it everywhere.  Snapchat has already proven companies are willing to invest in Sponsored Lenses to give consumers a fun and engaging experience with their brands.   Sponsored Lenses have been a huge success for the mobile app, providing Snapchat … Continue reading “Coming to a Snap Near You – Object Recognition Ads”