Goodbye Election. Hello Holiday Ads.

Finally. The election is ending and our TVs, Social Media, and mailboxes will no longer be flooded with political propaganda. After the celebratory dances are complete, and our normal media consumption commences, we asked our team – What classic holiday ad are you looking forward to seeing on your TV again? The holidays are around … Continue reading “Goodbye Election. Hello Holiday Ads.”

#TBT Our Extreme Spotlight

It’s been six years since our client, Tilson Homes, called us in late October to let us know they had agreed to participate in an Extreme Makeover: Home Edition build that coming December, and it still amazes us how everything came together! It didn’t take long to realize that while the build would be a … Continue reading “#TBT Our Extreme Spotlight”

#TBT Double Mint Gum

Wrigley’s Doublemint Gum is best known for its unique distillation process, minty flavor, and of course the Doublemint Gum Twins. Why we like it: The Doublemint Twins campaign was first introduced in the late 1930s with radio and billboard ads featuring identical twins. By using simple, clear designs these ads successfully grew Wrigley’s gum sales … Continue reading “#TBT Double Mint Gum”

#TBT Clairol: Does She or Doesn’t She?

In 1957 only 1 in 15 women were using artificial hair coloring. Flash forward eleven years, and that number changed to 1 in 2 thanks to Clairol’s simple question, “Does she…or doesn’t she?” Why we like it: At the time, being public about using hair dye was taboo and Clairol was aware of that fact. … Continue reading “#TBT Clairol: Does She or Doesn’t She?”