Pokemon Go and Advertising

Dig out your old Game Boy and holographic card collection – Pokemon Go has been labeled a global phenomenon and has people of all ages out trying to catch em’ all. So, how does this latest craze affect businesses? For starters, the game has become a marketing powerhouse, mainly using word-of-mouth to gain players who … Continue reading “Pokemon Go and Advertising”

Is Your Marketing Plan Ready for the Election?

With the RNC and DNC complete and the candidates officially announced, the general election season has begun.  And with it comes the increase in political advertising.  For marketers, the headaches of political advertising go beyond our feelings about the content of the ads.  We are left to deal with the havoc these big spenders wreak … Continue reading “Is Your Marketing Plan Ready for the Election?”

10 Time-Saving Resources Marketers Will Love

The right marketing tools make life easier and campaigns more accurate and efficient. Get the best ROI knowing what tools to use and when – without wasting your valuable time. 1. Content Curation Whether you are looking for great content to share, generating ideas for new content, or managing the content you already have, today’s … Continue reading “10 Time-Saving Resources Marketers Will Love”

4 Local Marketing Tips to Implement Today

Local marketing is vital to companies of all sizes. Specifically, a sound local marketing strategy can increase awareness for your company’s offerings to local audiences while establishing your expertise and creating new channels to increase traffic and revenue. When it comes to implementing a local marketing strategy, we’ve included a few tips you can easily … Continue reading “4 Local Marketing Tips to Implement Today”