Make Your Mark Driving Local Sales

Is your current strategy for driving local sales making the grade or falling short of expectations? Driving in-store traffic and increasing sales at the local level is one of the greatest challenges brands struggle with across all categories. Large brands and franchises with multiple locations are tasked with marketing in areas with varying market penetration … Continue reading “Make Your Mark Driving Local Sales”

Share Up to 10 Pics or Videos at Once On Instagram

Storytelling is a growing trend in social media, and choosing the best picture to capture at the best moment to tell that story can be a struggle. Thankfully, Instagram has made that whole process a little easier! With the new Instagram update, users can choose to post not one, not two, but as many as … Continue reading “Share Up to 10 Pics or Videos at Once On Instagram”

5 Common Digital Marketing Mistakes

The digital marketing landscape is an ever changing world of advanced targeting techniques, attribution modelling and new ad units.  Digital media gives marketers opportunities for one-to-one targeting unavailable in the traditional spaces.  With all these new techniques, it’s easy to forget to pay attention to the basics.  Here are some common mistakes to avoid when … Continue reading “5 Common Digital Marketing Mistakes”

10 Time-Saving Resources Marketers Will Love

The right marketing tools make life easier and campaigns more accurate and efficient. Get the best ROI knowing what tools to use and when – without wasting your valuable time. 1. Content Curation Whether you are looking for great content to share, generating ideas for new content, or managing the content you already have, today’s … Continue reading “10 Time-Saving Resources Marketers Will Love”

5 Social Media Hacks for Busy Marketers

It’s no secret that social media marketing can be an effective way to amplify your company’s brand awareness, help establish your industry expertise and expand your reach to connect with new audiences. And perhaps one of the greatest perks of incorporating social media into your marketing mix is the low out-of-pocket cost. But to do … Continue reading “5 Social Media Hacks for Busy Marketers”