Burger King Releases Anti-Bullying PSA


The Gist:

  • Burger King released a spot about the importance of speaking up against bullying
  • The PSA shows the percentage of customers who spoke up against seeing a teen get bullied vs. receiving a “bullied” Whopper Jr.
  • Unsurprisingly, more people complained about their wrecked Whopper than spoke up to stop the teen bully.

The Details:

Fast food giant, Burger King decided to take a stand against bullying by releasing a 3-minute anti-bullying PSA. The spot shows actual customers witnessing a high schooler getting bullied while eating at the establishment. The Burger King staff also“bullied” their own burgers by smashing them before giving them to their customers to see if it would ignite a reaction.

The spot revealed that while 95% of customers went back to the counter to report their “bullied” meal, only 12% stood up and said something about the high schooler being bullied.  Props to Burger King for taking a stand on a powerful issue and showing the importance of “see something, say something”.

You can watch the full PSA here.