Passports and Press Checks

I just returned from a press check in Florence, Italy. What’s a press check you say? In my time away from Planet Central, I design books for the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, and most recently finished work for an exhibition opening in Norway this summer. Designing a book this detailed is a collaborative effort, working with editors, … Continue reading “Passports and Press Checks”

Why Perfect Doesn’t Sell

Earlier this month, we shared a post on the TOP 3 BRANDING TIPS. Recently, Organic Valley launched a campaign that’s a perfect example of Tip #1 – Know Your Customer’s Problem. All the women in the agency have been sharing the latest Organic Valley campaign, REAL MORNING REPORT, with each other. Watching that video is … Continue reading “Why Perfect Doesn’t Sell”

3 Branding Tips All Marketers Need To Know

These days the marketing climate is defined by constant changes. While we’re busy chasing the latest emerging media, targeting tactic, or advances in campaign measurement, it’s all too easy to lose sight of the basics. One thing marketers need to maintain focus on is their brand. Without a strong brand, our product or service gets … Continue reading “3 Branding Tips All Marketers Need To Know”