Burger King Releases Anti-Bullying PSA

The Gist: Burger King released a spot about the importance of speaking up against bullying The PSA shows the percentage of customers who spoke up against seeing a teen get bullied vs. receiving a “bullied” Whopper Jr. Unsurprisingly, more people complained about their wrecked Whopper than spoke up to stop the teen bully. The Details: … Continue reading “Burger King Releases Anti-Bullying PSA”

‘Bite Size Horror’ Films Make Mars Candy Brands Stand Out

  The Gist: Mars candy brands created 4 horror commercial shorts to run during October Each commercial is only 2 minutes long running on the FOX network The main focus is the horror story, not the candy itself The Details: Mars candy brands have created what they are calling “Bite Size Horror” films that have … Continue reading “‘Bite Size Horror’ Films Make Mars Candy Brands Stand Out”

Snapchat Announces Geofilter Options for Ad Partners

The Gist: Snapchat is now allowing its ad partners to sell and sponsor geofilters and video ads in hopes to boost earning potential Geofilters allow users to place filters over photos and videos when they are in a certain locations Current pricing for these filters depends on location and duration of the geofilters The Details: … Continue reading “Snapchat Announces Geofilter Options for Ad Partners”