Burger King Releases Anti-Bullying PSA

The Gist: Burger King released a spot about the importance of speaking up against bullying The PSA shows the percentage of customers who spoke up against seeing a teen get bullied vs. receiving a “bullied” Whopper Jr. Unsurprisingly, more people complained about their wrecked Whopper than spoke up to stop the teen bully. The Details: … Continue reading “Burger King Releases Anti-Bullying PSA”

‘Bite Size Horror’ Films Make Mars Candy Brands Stand Out

  The Gist: Mars candy brands created 4 horror commercial shorts to run during October Each commercial is only 2 minutes long running on the FOX network The main focus is the horror story, not the candy itself The Details: Mars candy brands have created what they are calling “Bite Size Horror” films that have … Continue reading “‘Bite Size Horror’ Films Make Mars Candy Brands Stand Out”