A Day In The Life

Social Media A Day In the Life

Did you hear that sound? It’s your 4:30am alarm telling you to wake up and head to the gym! We’ve been working with Gold’s Gym trainers to see what a typical day is like in their shoes to give a behind the scenes look into the world of fitness.

From when participants wake up to what they eat for dinner, the Day in the Life photo series captures it all. These trainers snap images working with clients, their own personal workouts, daily snacks breaks, and more to share with Gold’s Gym followers. These photos help give insight on what it’s like working with a personal trainer, taking a group exercise class, and how to eat healthy and stay energized throughout the day. As an added bonus, the Day in the Life series also provides unique, engaging content to share on social media and helps increase daily engagement and reach on the Gold’s Gym social platforms.

We’ve enjoyed being able to share what life is like in someone else’s sneakers, and we’re looking forward to lacing up again soon to continue our Day in the Life photos series.