5 Social Media Hacks for Busy Marketers

Social Media Hacks

It’s no secret that social media marketing can be an effective way to amplify your company’s brand awareness, help establish your industry expertise and expand your reach to connect with new audiences. And perhaps one of the greatest perks of incorporating social media into your marketing mix is the low out-of-pocket cost. But to do it well, there‘s a significant time commitment. Fortunately, we’ve included five ways to save time, while maximizing your efforts for your social media marketing.

1. Pre-Schedule Your Posts
Who has the time to log into several different social media accounts each day and post updates? The good news is that with automation software, you don’t have to. Programs such as Buffer, Socialoomph, and Hootsuite allow you to schedule your social media posts ahead of time so they’ll automatically post to your social media pages on the precise date and time you desire. This will give you much needed time back in your day while maximizing your social strategy. Keep in mind none of these tools have achieved a perfect scheduling integration with Instagram, so you’ll still need to manually push content there.

2. Monitor Social Conversations
Staying informed on industry trends can be time-consuming, but you can save time in your research by simply monitoring trending hashtags on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Joining those conversations will keep your social media updates relevant and timely, while capitalizing on highly trafficked topics. These efforts can also be supplemented by setting up topic alerts on free platforms such as Google Alerts to keep aware of relevant content you might want to share. Last, you’ll want to set up keyword alerts for topics related to your business. For instance, a localized search for conversations about “needing a new outfit” would give a small boutique the opportunity to interact directly with potential new customers.

3. Appeal to a Niche
Targeting and appealing to niche audiences who resonate with your products or services can be a smart move to create new channels of traffic and revenue. To appeal to a niche audience, we suggest digging into your social media analytics to uncover insights that identify a secondary influential audience. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have great analytic tools that can help with this! After identifying a new market, ensure your post is seen by these specific users with optimized posts. For example, Facebook provides Audience Optimization to target specific users and LinkedIn Groups is another way to target like-minded users who are interested in specific topics or industries.

4. Use Strong Visuals
Visual content marketing is becoming increasingly important in the social media realm. More than ever, social media users prefer to digest information through videos, infographics, and even gifs as opposed to blocks of text. According to Kissmetrics, content with relevant images gets 94% more views than content without relevant images. So make sure you’re creating and sharing strong visuals on your social media platforms to ensure optimal views and conversions. Programs like Canva make this task easy and painless for marketers, allowing you to create professional, cost-effective social media graphics quickly.

5. Repurpose Your Content
When you’re creating new content from scratch, try to do so in such a way that it can be re-purposed down the road. For example, if you’re writing a “top 10” list article, there’s always the opportunity to expand that idea into several, stand-alone content pieces like a Slideshare, infographic, white paper, or a separate blog post elaborating on each “top ten” topic. The more you can repurpose and reuse your content, the more time you’ll cut in content creation time. Extend your content’s longevity and extend your content marketing investment by repurposing your content strategically.

Social media marketing, when done effectively, is a great way to build your business and amplify your content marketing efforts. By following these tips, you can maximize your time while amplifying your efforts more cost-effectively.