5 Common Digital Marketing Mistakes

5 digital marketing mistakes to avoid

The digital marketing landscape is an ever changing world of advanced targeting techniques, attribution modelling and new ad units.  Digital media gives marketers opportunities for one-to-one targeting unavailable in the traditional spaces.  With all these new techniques, it’s easy to forget to pay attention to the basics.  Here are some common mistakes to avoid when planning your next digital marketing campaign.

  1. Neglecting The Test Phase

It can seem like a daunting task to test an ad or two; however, the potential outcome can drive conversions and traffic to your site while eliminating the underperforming ads. One key to testing is to start small with just a subject line or headline and analyze what performs the best. What you believe might drive the most conversions could potentially perform worse than an ad you thought wouldn’t perform well.   Make sure to build testing time into your campaign schedule and have the patience to allow the test to play out for the best results possible.

  1. Mistaking “Easy to Measure” for “Works Better”

This often occurs with search engine marketing.  Most companies are bidding on their own brand name.  These brand-specific searches typically result in a large number of conversions at a very low cost.  However, those customers were already aware of your brand for another reason.  The rightful credit for the conversion belongs to whatever media made them search for you.  This could be a direct mail piece, radio spot or the email you sent yesterday.   Dig deeper into your website analytics to chart the impact of your offline media.  If your online traffic spikes the same time your direct mail piece was delivered, make sure you’re giving credit to the right source.

  1. Chasing Shiny Objects

Marketers always need to stay up-to-date on the latest tactics and new technologies.  In our quest to stay ahead of the curve and generate new sales, it’s very easy to get distracted by whatever is currently hot and to want to participate.  When evaluating the next “big idea” make sure to balance it against cold hard facts.  Focusing on the results instead of keeping up with the “latest and greatest” can help you to stay focused on your goals and KPI’s.

  1. Neglecting the Mobile Experience

Mobile is imperative for campaigns since it is the fastest rising medium for consumer interaction. If the campaign is digital, consumers will interact with it from multiple devices. Marketers need to make sure their user experience is a good one across all platforms, including mobile. By knowing your audience and using responsive design, people will have a positive visit to the website.

  1. Forgetting Every Vendor is also a Publisher

Neglecting content marketing can have a negative effect on a campaign. Keep in mind the location where your ads are appearing and make sure your message is both appropriate and stands out. In order to do this, you should offer something unique and personalize your content for increased relevance. Retargeting is a great option to capture the personalization of a previous visit to the site. It also helps to increase your relevance and bring higher, more qualified traffic to your site.


Marketing campaigns have many different parts with the digital space becoming increasingly important.  Remembering to avoid these 5 common mistakes can help keep you focused on marketing success.