3 Branding Tips All Marketers Need To Know

Branding Tips All Marketers Need to Know

These days the marketing climate is defined by constant changes. While we’re busy chasing the latest emerging media, targeting tactic, or advances in campaign measurement, it’s all too easy to lose sight of the basics. One thing marketers need to maintain focus on is their brand. Without a strong brand, our product or service gets lost in a sea of parity. Your brand differentiates you from your competitors, communicates who you are to your customers and separates you from the crowd.


Here are 3 branding tips we feel all marketers can use.


1. Know Your Customer’s Problem – The ability to recognize your audience’s pain points and leverage them into action remains a powerful staple of marketing. No matter what marketing channel or vehicle your brand is using, your brand should formulate a solid communication strategy that speaks directly to your customer’s needs and wants and provides a compelling solution. Understand the cross section between your brand’s offerings and the market needs and you’ll find the sweet spot your brand and targeted niche can thrive on.


2. Take a Stand – Carve a strong, clear position that sets you apart from the crowd and be consistent in your message. Successful brands do not market themselves to everyone. By finding a niche that resonates with your offerings, you can set your brand up as a valued specialist within the industry, while differentiating your brand effectively. What are your differentiators? Think beyond the normal. Go beyond “price”, “quality”, and “convenience”. Your core message should leverage your customer’s pain points in a way that makes your brand the best solution on the market for them.


3. Have a Personality – What is your company’s personality? Is it fun, bold, or sassy? Is it conservative and safe? Are you a Ford or a Ferrari? Don’t be afraid to be yourself and communicate that through your branding. Well-known companies like Chick-fil-A and Ben & Jerry’s take advantage of this tactic, which complements their brands’ differentiation and propels their brand forward. Don’t be afraid to allow your brand to have personality and display it proudly to attract ideal buyers.


A strong brand connects your product to your customer. Learn to speak their language and use it to take a stand they can relate to. Consider your company’s personality and use it as an essential part of your branding. Today, we have more tools and data than ever before to help marketing, but it still takes a sharp focus around your customers and your brand to get the job done efficiently. Sharpen yours and get swingin’.