Coming to a Snap Near You – Object Recognition Ads

It seems as if Snapchat went from 0-60 in digital and social advertising and you’re reading about it everywhere.  Snapchat has already proven companies are willing to invest in Sponsored Lenses to give consumers a fun and engaging experience with their brands.   Sponsored Lenses have been a huge success for the mobile app, providing Snapchat … Continue reading “Coming to a Snap Near You – Object Recognition Ads”

#TBT Double Mint Gum

Wrigley’s Doublemint Gum is best known for its unique distillation process, minty flavor, and of course the Doublemint Gum Twins. Why we like it: The Doublemint Twins campaign was first introduced in the late 1930s with radio and billboard ads featuring identical twins. By using simple, clear designs these ads successfully grew Wrigley’s gum sales … Continue reading “#TBT Double Mint Gum”

10 Time-Saving Resources Marketers Will Love

The right marketing tools make life easier and campaigns more accurate and efficient. Get the best ROI knowing what tools to use and when – without wasting your valuable time. 1. Content Curation Whether you are looking for great content to share, generating ideas for new content, or managing the content you already have, today’s … Continue reading “10 Time-Saving Resources Marketers Will Love”

The Best Time Of Year.

With the recent onslaught of emotional background videos of athletes overcoming the odds, one thing is clear: The Olympics are coming! Our televisions and social media pages are already being flooded with ads featuring our star American athletes and great Olympic moments. This year, prepare to see more advertising than ever before. A recent change … Continue reading “The Best Time Of Year.”